[Marxism] How to answer these questions?

Lüko Willms lueko.willms at t-online.de
Fri Aug 4 05:00:52 MDT 2006

On Fri, 04 Aug 2006 06:12:25 -0400, Marvin Gandall wrote:

> Even victims of racism can and should be corrected for manifesting
> race-based political views. 

  Sure, but as you say: 

> But it depends on who is making the criticism. 
> The status of the critic can
> more critical than the status of the victim.
> Palestinians who express hatred for "Jews" will react one way
> (antagonistically) to those criticizing them from the outside 
> whom they have no reason to trust, and another way 
> (respectfully) to those participating in
> their struggle whom they regard as comrades.

  Not being a Palestinian Arab, I think such criticism from my part is 
most effective when directed to German antisemitists and pro-Israel 
bigots, when and if some Arab would care to ponder my arguments at all. 

  It a Palestininan Arab cares to read my polemic against German 
Nazi-nostalgics, she or he will note my argument, where I put the 
colonial settler state into one line with Apartheid South Africa, or the 
crimes of German colonialism like the genocide of the Hereros in Namibia 
of 1904, when it was a German colony, also Australia or USA as colonial 
settler states, the French colonial war against Algeria or for a 
"Algérie Française" on the one hand, but on the other reject any notion 
that this colonialism bears a common trait of "Judaism" and could be 
traced to the Talmud, etc. 

  BTW, it is not that Palestinian Arabs invent themselves antisemitic 
nonesense, they are pushed to it by the Israeli propaganda who draws an 
equal sign between the resistance against the real oppression by the 
state of Israel and the hatred against a phantasised power of Jews by 
the European and US-american antisemites. "When my oppressor tells me 
that those are the theoretical explanations of my resistance, then maybe 
there is something to it". 


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