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When have real unions ever provided "tenure"?  That is, when have even a 
substantial minority of (private) union workers achieved a status where they 
could lose their positions only through gross misconduct or malfeasance? 
I repeat: tenure is not a Marxist demand, but a liberal one intended to 
co-opt or "ameliorate" the conditions of one relatively privileged sector of 
the middle-strata at the expense of workers throughout society.   What 
Marxist program contains within its pages a demand for "tenure", regardless 
of productivity or job performance?    Did Lenin urge Russian academies to 
provide a lifetime sinecure to their faculties?   He would hardly have 
favored *anyone* (much less intellectuals or university professors!) 
cravenly seeking to become comfortable under capitalism.  And, as has 
happened in our own unhappy time, becoming "declassed" and "apolitical" at 
the same time as 99% of the "tenured" have become.   The "role" of a worker 
within the Marxist scheme is not to continually connive and do one's 
damnedest to achieve a status whereby s/he can "live off the fat of the 
land", but to continually to develop and educate others to put an end to the 
flummery of capitalism and its attendant horrors.   One cannot effectively 
do that if one expects permanently to feed at the teat of that same system.

That's all I'm saying.

Louis G

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> Final point, again you complain about tenure.  I don't know what to say. 
> It seems you feel that because workers don't have "tenure," that no one 
> else should be allowed to have the job security that tenure provides (or 
> at least supposed to) and, btw, union membership used to provide workers. 
> I can only assume you are also resentful of those workers who are in one 
> of the unions that are still fairly strong. Are you for stripping away 
> what job security they may have?

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