[Marxism] Response from CU Chancellor's OfficereChurchillWitchHunt

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Aug 4 17:15:53 MDT 2006

Mark wrote:
>Godena's right.  We should abolish tenure because it can be abused and the
>whole notion of education system sustains hierarchies by implying that we
>should know things.

Hasn't this thread gone on long enough?

We have to avoid the temptation to try to get comrades like Lou Godena to 
budge. I have known Lou on the Internet since 1996 and he really knows how 
to dig in his heels.

We are headed toward 1000 subscribers and we really have to make an effort 
not to get sidetracked trying to defeat heterodox opinions. There are much 
more central questions facing the world working class than tenure. Not to 
say that this is not important. I just haven't heard any new arguments or 
data for a *long time*. 

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