Subject: Re: [Marxism] Shifting opinion on Israel

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Fri Aug 4 20:52:08 MDT 2006

 Les Schaffer <schaffer at>:
"i turned to my tablemates and asked if anyone needed elaboration on my views. they all agreed (roughly) with what i said, and then one (non-Jew)
admitted to me she is not comfortable criticizing Israel, especially around Jews.
we sort-of-Jews need to make the non-Jew crowd feel better about their
anti-Israeli sentiments.


(1) You may not appreciate how true that is.
Numerous discussions with non-Jewish 'sort-of' progressives, and just plain human-shocked-at-what-is-happening' - are stifled if anyone comes into ear shot. 

(2) I am certainly not taking a rise.
But I think it is worth pointing out that Hinduism is not well understood in the West - as well as Islam. I was brought up in an intensely religious family. Anyone who has been so, and become a secularist (and not necessarily a Marxist) - perforce finds the fervent born-again Islamic protestations of some on this list, a bit weird. 
Hari Kumar 

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