[Marxism] Re: How to answer these questions?

Brian Shannon brian_shannon at verizon.net
Fri Aug 4 22:04:44 MDT 2006

How about looking at this in terms of truth, logic and defensive  

All Zionists are Jews (putting aside Christian Zionists who we can  
omit for this discussion). But not all Jews are Zionist. In fact, a  
growing minority are not.

It is in the interest of the Arab masses to defeat the Zionist  
enterprise. Political organizations can best aid this by referring to  
those Jews who defend the present state of Israel and its policies as  
Zionists because it would help separate some Jews from these  
Zionists, present a more democratic face to not only the Jews of  
Israel but to the Jews of the world, and it politically corresponds  
to the needs of the Arab masses.

In also corresponds to the truth of the situation -- without  
demagoguery. There is no reason to use a term that hurts you instead  
of benefitting you if the term that can be more easily defended is  
also able to fully express your political needs. Thus, one defends  
oneself from fascists; you don't beat them up. You defend your  
nation; you don't kill the invader -- even though killing goes on.  
Most people on this list know the drill.

However, there is no need to continually harp on this. It is best  
done by regularly using the more correct terminology. It can also be  
done by explaining why the term Zionist is the better term. But one  
does not have to do this by directly confronting some individual or  
organization that writes or speaks in different terms.

It can be an article in a paper or on the internet. It can be an  
aside in a speech or on a panel in response to someone in the  
audience. It can be presented as a more effective strategy rather  
than a criticism of identified individuals or organizations who  
differ in rhetoric.

Brian Shannon

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