[Marxism] How to answer these questions?

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On Fri, 4 Aug 2006 05:05:13 -0700 (PDT), cleon42 at yahoo.com wrote:

> When some neo-Nazi shitbag comes into a meeting and starts talking
> about how evil the Jews are (and keep in mind this not only HAS
> happened, it CONTINUES to happen), are we supposed to sit back and not
> say anything because some Palestinian ears *might* hear some criticism
> of their oh-so-justified hatred of Jews? 

  That depends, and it depends on the situation. 

  I once, many years ago, have been in a meeting of an association of 
Jordanians in Germany, and was surprised when a guest speaker from the 
neo-nazi NPD (National Democratic Party) was invited to the podium. I 
was not prepared for that. I thought about getting on the podium and 
explain that those NPD types are really bad company, they are the ones 
who want to kick out "the foreigners" and preach general racism which is 
directed against Arabs, too, but preferred to leave the act. The guys 
there were anyway rather business men, old, and quite distant from the 
young people in the "General Union of Palestinian Students" and "General 
Union of Palestinian Workers" which had been suppressed and made illegal 
by the West German state. 
> Is there a list of who we're allowed and who we're NOT allowed to
> discuss these issues with?

  It is not about "allowed" or "not allowed", but of sensible or not. 

  Anyway, one will find that European antisemitic myths are being picked 
up by people who theorize that in fact the tail wags the dog, i.g. that 
Israel dominates US policies, and this would be to the detriment of the 
well understood interests of the USA, and to fight against the "Jewish 
conspiracy" helps to free the USA of Jewish influence and hence make the 
USA available as the real partner of the Arabs, but -- not of the Arab 
working masses, but of the Arab bourgeoisie and aristocracy. 

  So the real debate with such muddleheads is in its core not a debate 
about those antisemitic phantasies, but about the strategic orientation, 
i.e. if the Arab rulers should court for the US-Empires favors, to 
replace Israel as the favorite partner, or if the Arab masses should 
fight against it. 

  I once had some debates to that avail with a Palestinian living in 
Germany, who published in the Netnews, and who was some kind of 

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