[Marxism] Re: [Three Way Fight blog] Defending My Enemy's Enemy

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Sat Aug 5 10:12:05 MDT 2006

Well, Michael Karadjis' post is (for me) of use and of interest because 
it is an attempt to answer the concrete questions touched upon in Lyons' 
essay. Of course i realize Karadjis is strongly disagreeing with Lyons' 
point - but he's doing it from a basis of arguing about facts, which i 
find useful.

For that reason, i would like to ask his permission that i re-post his 
response to Marxmail onto my blog (http://sketchythoughts.blogspot.com/)

As for the points he raises - for the most part i can't dispute them, 
for (as i wrote on my blog) i have not been able to find much about 
Hezbollah examining the questions of patriarchal oppression. (And what i 
have found and learned, i must say i was normally pointed to from 
someone on this list.) I am aware that there is a movie about women in 
Hezbollah, but there is not a lot online that i have been able to find.

On one point, where Karadjis mentions LBGT people, i can add some 
information, though if he or anyone else knows anything that can flesh 
it out (or contradicts it) i would be interested in hearing from them: 
last year a Lebanese gay man living with AIDS gathered some attention as 
he applied for asylum on the basis that Hezbollah "enforces the Sharia", 
at least in regards to imposing the death penalty for gay men. 
(Tellingly, the Bush administration opposed his right to apply, arguing 
that he simply needed to become celibate and Hezbollah would probably 
leave him alone!) (see: 


Michael Karadjis wrote:

>As the July 31 MERIP report "Hizballah: A Primer" indicates, the Islamic
>Republic of Iran neither runs Hezbollah, nor constitutes it's "political
>ideal." Rather, Hezbollah is an independent, home-grown and nationalist
>formation. One must ask: has Hezbollah DONE any of the things Lyons
>to slander them with by association with the Islamic Republic?
>I agree with Mike F, and let's answer his question to avoid confusion.
>The fact that imperialist leaders and media continually talk as if
>Hizbullah were a local branch office of the Iran regime can blind people
>to the realities.

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