[Marxism] Counterpunch: "Boycott Israel!"

Ralph Johansen mdriscoll at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 5 17:34:49 MDT 2006

How can anyone here in the US -- -- a country whose policy it has for 
more than a half century been to finance to the tune of billions of 
dollars a year, to feed, fuel, provide massive sophisticated lethal 
weapons to, cozen, run interference for (repeatedly vetoing or blocking 
votes in the Security Council. General Assembly and other fora 
overwhelmingly condemning Israeli action), and generally direct 
operations for and profit from the savage activities of the Israeli 
state -- -- even mention boycotting Israel, the US surrogate in the 
middle east -- --  without first calling in great alarm and with the 
utmost urgency for total resistance to, ostracism and boycott of the US? 
What of ITS "founding racist logic?" Would we call for boycott of the UK 
also? Or NATO? Or the IMF or World Bank? How many kids have they each 
killed today?

Boycott me and mine, seems like!



Someone wrote:

The lead story in this weekend's edition of Counterpunch 
(http://counterpunch.com/) is a powerful call by Virginia Tilley to 
boycott Israel. Tilley recently published a book calling for the 
one-state solution (and debated a leading Israeli liberal on that 
question in New Left Review). Being the lead story in the two-day 
weekend edition guarantees very high visibility.

She makes clear right at the start that although recent Zionist 
atrocities make this what my friend Steve calls "a teachable moment" on 
the issue, the primary motivation for the boycott is to take on and end 
once and for all the "founding racist logic" of the Israeli state.

I've created a reformatted version in Word if anyone would like it (or 
for that matter if you'd like a copy of the NLR articles let me know).

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