[Marxism] The "anti-semitism" of the oppressed, etc.??(was: How to answer these questions?)

Ian Pace ian at ianpace.com
Sat Aug 5 18:23:24 MDT 2006

From: "Danielle Ni Dhighe" <danielle at irsm.org>

> At 05:46 AM 8/5/2006, Joaquin Bustelo wrote:
> >So I object to going around criticizing the victims of
> >the Zionists for talking in terms of "Jews" when it is
> >the Zionists themselves that are overwhelmingly
> >responsible for that situation.
> To a certain degree, you're correct.  Israel justifies itself not as *a* 
> Jewish state, but as *the* Jewish state, and that its actions are on 
> behalf of all Jews.  That said, I don't think this justifies antisemitism 
> in response, as you seem to believe.
I do believe there is a despicable tactic at work here. Israel and its 
supporters try to portray itself as acting on behalf of all Jews in the hope 
of provoking responses *against* all Jews. Then this gives further 
sustenance to the very fundamentals of Zionist propaganda - that the state 
of Israel is necessary because the rest of the world is irretrievably 
anti-semitic when you scratch the surface. By responding to such 
self-justification in an anti-semitic way, we play into their hands.


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