[Marxism] The Case For Boycotting Israel and the United States

Ralph Johansen mdriscoll at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 5 19:16:04 MDT 2006

Well, think about it: we are living in the US, very likely the most 
broadly, pervasively repressive country in history. Think thirties 
Germany on jimson/crack, with vastly more massive means and intentions. 
Would we then as good and fair Germans have spent our time out in the 
streets condemning Italy for Ethiopia? Our responsibility is here. How 
can I get excited about going out and marching around in this country, 
the prime destructive force in the middle east and in the world, calling 
for boycott of a mote to our beam? What kind of "a clear-cut, 
straightforward chance for action" is that for Americans? It doesn't 
reduce to absurdity. It already is, on its face. I know, the presently 
culpable force is Israel, and we supposedly build on what's seen to be 
the focal point of the moment, fine. But we haven't even been able to 
get Americans, those in our own families, neighborhoods and communities, 
to oppose our own monstrous, egregious excrescences, let alone those of 
our curried pawn. Denial about that is primary and not to be deflected. 
All's I'm saying -- much as I feel outrage and helplessness, I'm not 
enthusiastic about assailing Israeli arrogance and racism from the 
perspective of an American, institutionally and individually supportive, 
complicit, oblivious and far worse.



//It never ceases to amaze me how so many people on this list can 
bloviate on and on and on and on about the same thing that has been 
hashed over endlessly before on and offlist...

But when it comes to a clear-cut, straightforward chance for action, one 
we've been waiting for for a long, long time, the same people will rush 
in to raise absurd arguments against it.

You're right, why boycott Israel and not the US? For that matter, I 
think the next time I see workers on the picket line, I'll go over and 
tell them, "Why picket just your company? Why not the banks that finance 
it? Why not that government that supports it? Why not overthrow the 
whole ruling class? What the hell's wrong with you guys?"

Then I'll walk away and go home to find out what the latest score is in 
the marxmail debate about anti-Semitism.

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