[Marxism] Electric cars, car culture, mass transporttion, fossil fuel crisis, socialist revlution, eco reformism

Anthony Boynton northbogota at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 6 12:20:08 MDT 2006

Hello everyone:

Car culture has got to go!

Oh my!

Eco reformism!

Oh dear!

Car culture has engulfed the world, its infectious
viral spread having reached even unto Lambeth and on
to Delhi and Singapore and here in Bogota Colombia.

It is the cutting edge of capitalism. 

It is the most important element of global warming.

It is the key element underlying the developing fossil
fuel crisis (demand is growing too fast, economically
feasible reserves have been tapped, etc.)

It is where millions of industrial workers are
employed - more maybe than even in arms production.

Workers all over the world would rather drive than
walk or take the bus. 


What is your alternative?

Should we all take the bus?

What if we want to go where the bus doesn't go?

Should we ride out bikes? What about grandma who can't
walk too well?

Or should we schedule a date for the socialist
revolution and sort things out afterwards?

Maybe we should seriously think about how to solve an
environemental crisis, an energy crisis, and mass
transportation problems simultaneously so that, if we
do live through a socialist revolution we have a
viable program.

My bet is that that program will contain electric
transportation in place of internal combustion
engines.  I think it will be used for everything
including air transportation.

Good luck, and all the best.


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