[Marxism] antisemitism workshop audio now online

Mike Friedman mikedf at amnh.org
Sun Aug 6 15:55:32 MDT 2006

Uhh... maybe I missed something, but why does your reading 
kersblebeded's books make it unsurprising that he "got it right"? For 
my part, I'll be content with Fred Feldman's report back. I've found 
him to be a reliable source. And in my opinion, honest activists 
shouldn't be organizing symposia on anti-semitism in the movement at 
this moment, but on building the movement against the U.S./Israeli 
aggression and Israeli apartheid. The aggression has cost the lives 
of well over a thousand Palestinian and Lebanese civilians to date, 
as well as destroying much if not most of the Lebanese and Gaza 
infrastructures. And, yes, it's cost some Israeli civilian lives as 
well. In the context of such a symposium, there could certainly have 
been a workshop or panel speaker on anti-semitism. But, I think, at a 
minimum,  the organizers of the Bluestocking event have their 
priorities screwed up.

By the way, Lou P., there would be another short-term activity or 
series of activities that could be entertained: a movement-wide 
educational conference or teach-in on the crisis and the U.S./Israeli 
role in the Middle East. If the major anti-war coalitions could do 
this together, it would be magnificent!

>[Marxism] antisemitism workshop audio now online
>spencer s spencerpdx at yahoo.com
>Sun Aug 6 15:32:36 MDT 2006
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>dear marxmail..
>my name is spencer and i'm one of the people who
>helped put on (and was a last-minute speaker at) the
>antisemitism workshop in NYC last july 23rd. after the
>fact i read your list's long discussion about it. we
>had the same long discussions on the NYC IMC and on
>the nycanarchists list.
>we have put the audio up for the workshop at the link
>i'd be happy to discuss it - although kersplebeded got
>it right for the most part, which is not surprising
>since we read the books he publishes and are also
>concerned about Third Position fascist
>cross-recruiting (but are also interested in Moishe
>Postone and a critique of vulgar anti-imperialism and
>anti-americanism). But it might be nice if you listen
>to it first so i don't have to answer silly questions,
>like "are we zionists".
>btw, did anyone see that the new issue of 'Race
>Traitor' includes an essay by Israel Shamir? nice!
>- spencer sunshine
>(you can goggle me if you are curious, and yes, that's
>a jewish name)
>[please forward]
>The audio for the antisemitism talk at Bluestockings
>is now up at:
>The original description is below.

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