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Mike Friedman mikedf at amnh.org
Sun Aug 6 16:58:39 MDT 2006

You of course, as a grown-up person (I assume) can decide your own 
priorities. But I repeat, to hold a conference, workshop, or whatever 
on antisemitism at this moment, that is not contextualized by the 
over-riding need to confront Zionism, manifests screwed-up 
priorities. That, as I said, is at a minimum. I'd like to give the 
workshop organizers the benefit of the doubt and not assume that they 
are merely engaging in the usual anti-semitism baiting that 
characterizes much of the zionist left, as soon as solidarity with 
Palestine or questions about the legitimacy of the Zionist entity are 
raised. As for myself, I am Jewish, too. And I'm quite clear about 
the distinction between Judaism and Zionism. Let's be concrete, 
instead of engaging in ad hominem attacks: where have I conflated 
"questions about Jews, and questions about Israel"? I would say that 
it was your panel and the tenor of your workshop that may have 
expressed that conflation.

>spencer s spencerpdx at yahoo.com
>Sun Aug 6 16:32:23 MDT 2006
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>i missed his report-back. prehaps you'd like to dig it
>out of the archives and (re)send it.
>i was simply saying that K. closely represented our
>views, whereas half of the list attributed a bunch of
>weird-ass things to us, like we are zionists, etc.
>in any event, obviously this panel had been scheduled
>months in advance; it was even announced before the
>Lebanon invasion. these things don't pop out of thin
>i enjoy however that you seem to think that you can
>tell me what my priorities as an activist should be.
>although in fact, i think now more than ever we need
>to talk about how much of the left is affected by
>antisemitism, because i see it as fairly widespread,
>especially amongst people doing middle east solidarity
>work. people can't seem to distinct between israel and
>jews. and you seem to be one of them, as you openly
>conflate questions about jews, and questions about
>Israel. last i checked, israel was a nation-state and
>jews were a series of ethnic groups around the world
>united by religious and cultural commonalities.
>--- Mike Friedman <mikedf at amnh.org> wrote:
>>  Uhh... maybe I missed something, but why does your
>>  reading
>>  kersblebeded's books make it unsurprising that he
>>  "got it right"? For
>>  my part, I'll be content with Fred Feldman's report
>>  back. I've found
>>  him to be a reliable source. And in my opinion,
>>  honest activists
>>  shouldn't be organizing symposia on anti-semitism in
>>  the movement at
>>  this moment, but on building the movement against
>>  the U.S./Israeli
>>  aggression and Israeli apartheid. The aggression has
>>  cost the lives
>>  of well over a thousand Palestinian and Lebanese
>>  civilians to date,
>>  as well as destroying much if not most of the
>>  Lebanese and Gaza
>>  infrastructures. And, yes, it's cost some Israeli
>>  civilian lives as
>>  well. In the context of such a symposium, there
>>  could certainly have
>>  been a workshop or panel speaker on anti-semitism.
>>  But, I think, at a
>>  minimum,  the organizers of the Bluestocking event
>>  have their
>>  priorities screwed up.
>>  By the way, Lou P., there would be another
>>  short-term activity or
>>  series of activities that could be entertained: a
>>  movement-wide
>>  educational conference or teach-in on the crisis and
>>  the U.S./Israeli
>>  role in the Middle East. If the major anti-war
>>  coalitions could do
>>  this together, it would be magnificent!

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