[Marxism] Israel expected lesser foe

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 6 17:08:13 MDT 2006

Racism is like that. They think that their enemies aren't human.

Underestimating the enemy is so frequent among the rich and the
powerful. The idea that many in the west have received, that the
Hezobollah are nothing but crazed fanatics who just want to kill
every living Jewish thing has blinded some people to what really
is going on there. There's a full social and economic structure
around Hezbollah, which has found ways to meet the social needs
of many Lebanese people. As I understand it, they're not heavy-
handed about pushing their religious beliefs on those who accept
their social services. The problem which the Zionists didn't know
they had until they came up against it is their social attitude
toward the Palestinians and the Lebanese, a dehumanizing one:

They're sub-human, which is why they think they have the right to
steal their homeland - indeed, to deny, as Golda Meir did, that a
Palestinian people EVEN EXISTED. While the Israelis and their US
benefactors, promotors, funders and suppliers act as if God was
on the side of the Israelis and the U.S., the Palestinians and 
the Lebanese are also motived by strong beliefs, including ones
of a religious nature. Here in Cuba, it's said, in the final line
of the national anthem, "To die for the country is to live" and 
it's such thinking that the Zioniests seem almost organically
incapable of grasping. 

The fact that they so deeply underestimated the Lebanese and the
Palestinians may finally force some serious soul-searching among
supporters of Israel. Let's hope so, though as yet we don't see
any evidence that elements who have supported Israel and Zionism
all along are finally coming to understand the deep trap in which
they have dug themselves. I'm sorry to say that it looks like it
is going to have to hurt a lot more before some consciousness in
the Zionist mind begins to dawn.

Walter Lippmann
Israeli Soldiers Expected Lesser Foe
August 6, 2006
With the Palestinians, the fight is usually more of a policing
operation in familiar territory, involving occupation and arrests
with the occasional airstrike, the soldiers said, not the wholesale
armored offensive required against Hezbollah.

"I realized we were fighting a real organized army," Gelnik said at a
hotel near Tiberias, just off the Sea of Galilee, where he and his
platoon were resting, reuniting with friends and relatives and taking
showers. "These are people who know what they are doing."
"It is very tough. You say guerrilla warfare, and you think of a
couple of guys who set something off. But these people are very

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