[Marxism] antisemitism workshop audio now online

wrobert at uci.edu wrobert at uci.edu
Sun Aug 6 17:43:52 MDT 2006

Spencer, in your first post you made oblique reference to "vulgar
anti-imperialism".  I was wondering what positions would fall into this
categories, and what individuals or organizations do you have in mind.  My
experiences with the anti-war movements in Mpls and Irvine have almost no
moments of what could be called anti-semitism.  The two that I have heard
about consisted of a sign that some friends of mine confronted the
individuals about, and an unfortunate choice of speakers on the part of
the Muslim Student Organization a couple years ago (I didn't witness this,
but reliable sources say that the member of NOI made statements that were
in fact anti-semitic).  This is to say, while I wouldn't say the issue of
anti-semitism is non-existent, I wouldn't place it as a burning question
in the same way as the lack of people of color and racism is within the
anti-war movement.  Out of curiousity, was there some sort of local
incident or problems that led to this conference?  I haven't listened to
the talks yet, but I have downloaded them...

                                 robert wood

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