[Marxism] antisemitism workshop audio now online

spencer s spencerpdx at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 6 18:49:28 MDT 2006

Yes, there have been local incidents. I talk about
some of them on the audio. 

Honestly folks, I have better things to do with my
time than talk about antisemitism - i would much
rather be writing my dissertation, doing jail support
or working at my community center. But i'm not going
to tolerate the level of open antisemitism that i am
experienceing and seeing the radical scene that i am
around (which is probably quite different than the one
that people on this list are in).

The IMC's are awash with antisemitic posts about the
jewish neo-cons, zionist conpiracies in the sudan, how
israel controls the US, etc. Usually they are what
Adorno called "secondary antisemitism" in 1965 --
classic antisemitic narratives which use Israel
instead of "the Jews", but repeat the same narrative

Antisemitic writings are making their way into the
magazines (recently an anarchist magazine published
references to "jewish capital"; a prominent anarchist
publisher has described judaism as one of the
"problems" with anarchism, and radical papers openly
publish images of the Stars of David = Swastikas). 

And some fascist groups have had some success with
recruiting anarchists, as kersplebed said.

And when we bring the issue up, we are shouted down.
happens every time. people are clearly insecure about

btw, never said it was "the" burning issue, or as
important as racism. but i would like it to be on
people's minds. because i'm sick of dealing with it -
and just as while i might have to deal with homophobia
in our society at large i shouldn't have to deal with
it from activists, I might have to deal with
antisemitism in our larger culture, but i think it's
absurd that it is occuring in the radical scene.

--- wrobert at uci.edu wrote:

> Spencer, in your first post you made oblique
> reference to "vulgar
> anti-imperialism".  I was wondering what positions
> would fall into this
> categories, and what individuals or organizations do
> you have in mind.  My
> experiences with the anti-war movements in Mpls and
> Irvine have almost no
> moments of what could be called anti-semitism.  The
> two that I have heard
> about consisted of a sign that some friends of mine
> confronted the
> individuals about, and an unfortunate choice of
> speakers on the part of
> the Muslim Student Organization a couple years ago
> (I didn't witness this,
> but reliable sources say that the member of NOI made
> statements that were
> in fact anti-semitic).  This is to say, while I
> wouldn't say the issue of
> anti-semitism is non-existent, I wouldn't place it
> as a burning question
> in the same way as the lack of people of color and
> racism is within the
> anti-war movement.  Out of curiousity, was there
> some sort of local
> incident or problems that led to this conference?  I
> haven't listened to
> the talks yet, but I have downloaded them...
>                                  robert wood
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