[Marxism] Brooklyn Parents for Peace calls united front "walk for peace" around ceasefire, prisoner exchange

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Sun Aug 6 19:16:44 MDT 2006

What do people think of the demands and parameters of this action by
Brooklyn Parents for Peace? I think it is the kind of action that can
pull in soft Zionists and people who are not yet (or maybe ever) in
solidarity with the Palestinian struggle. Any thoughts on whether
these demands -- bilateral ceasefire, prisoner exchange, no weapons to
the region, uphold UN resolutions -- are both principled and
potentially effective in putting pressure on Israel and shifting
public opinion? (Aside: Brooklyn Parents for Peace has many Jewish
members. These are the kinds of demands that I expect could get
support from most antiwar Jews at this moment.)


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Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2006 12:07:41 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [UFTersToStopTheWar] Brooklyn Parents for Peace Action Alert

Brooklyn Parents for Peace Action Alert


In Lebanon, Gaza, and Israel, innocent civilians are
More than 900 dead in Lebanon, plus more in Gaza and
Israel;  thousands wounded: innocent civilians, many
women and children!
Weapons for this carnage are being supplied by the
U.S. government, with a green-light by the Bush
Administration to use them.


We call for:
   **An immediate ceasefire by all sides; an end to
all killing of cilivians, whether targeted or as
"collateral damage"
   **The adherence to international law and UN
resolutions by all sides
   **No sending of weapons to the region by the U.S.
or any other country
   **Negotiated exchange of prisoners by both sides
   **Convening an international peace conference to
negotiate a fair and lasting solution to the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Join us in Brooklyn, Wed Aug 9: Walk for Peace!

Assemble 4:30 to 5:00 pm at the Military Recruiting
Station, 41 Flatbush (at Schermerhorn)
Walk up Fulton Mall to Boro Hall
Rally and Vigil at Boro Hall 5:30 to 6:30 pm

Spread the word!!
E-mail  is.pales at brooklynpeace.org for flyer which you
can download and print, or call us at 718-624-5921 to
pick up flyers which you can distribute and post.

Call our elected officials!!
Demand that they speak out for a ceasefire now!
Toll-free 888-355-3588

In the House of Representatives:
H. Con. Res. 450 calls for an immediate ceasefire.
Major Owens and Nydia Velazquez  have signed on: if
you are in their districts, call to thank them.
Vito Fossella, Jerrold Nadler, Ed Towns, and Anthony
Weiner have not signed on:
Call 888-355-3588; demand that they sign on,

In the Senate:
Call Senators Clinton and  Schumer; demand that they
oppose the use of U.S. weapons against civilians under
any conditions, and that they speak out against the
terrifying human cost of the reckless Israel military
actions, enabled and supported by the U.S.  It's our
tax dollars at work!

For more information, visit our website
www.brooklynpeace.org, or United for Peace and Justice

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