[Marxism] Brooklyn Parents for Peace calls united front "walk for peace" around ceasefire, prisoner exchange

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun Aug 6 20:19:53 MDT 2006

I have looked at the demands and have concluded that this action should
be strongly supported and that, if possible, participation should be
sought from Brooklyn's Arab community, most of whom would find nothing
objectionable about these demands.
The demand for an immediate cease-fire is there, and although it is
placed on both sides, it is really a demand on Israel.  Steffie's use of
the word "bilateral" made me worried, because this suggests that Israel
and Lebanon or Hezbollah must agree to a cease-fire, but that is not
what the demand says.
The fact that these liberals are demanding an end to arm shipments to
Israel, however mushily formulated to be even-handed, is very important,
in my opinion. Note that the end of US arm shipments is not conditioned
on the rest.  All shipments are opposed.
Finally, the demand for an international conference on Israel-Palestine
is something Israel and Washington very much don't want at this time, as
both are on the road of unilaterally remaking and devastating
"Palestine" to suit their needs. 
Of course, this demand also should require demanding an end to the
US-Israel boycott and war against Hamas.
I think this should be actively built. And that the introduction of
leaflets etc. that have a sharper focus should be done in a civil way.
There is no need for any hostility at all toward the organizers of such
a protest, any kind of radical boycott,  or any kind of disruption of
what they are doing.
We are in the early stages of the battle for greater political and moral
clarity on the US-Israel aggressions, and we are going to have to think
our way through how to broaden things out without yielding on the fight
for Palestine and against Israel and Washington.
I'm glad to see this.
Fred Feldman.

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