[Marxism] Re: antisemitism workshop audio now online

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun Aug 6 22:04:15 MDT 2006

I am glad that Spencer informed us that the workshop is available
online, and I hope that participants in this discussion listen to it, or
at least some of it.
In my opinion, debating with Spencer will not go anywhere because he is
absolutely uninterested in confronting the realities of Palestine.  He
only wants to talk about how terrible it is to hate Zionism more than
other things, (he doesn't explain which things are worse)...
For him the slaughter of Palestinian children by the Zionist state is
totally obscured and becomes merged with the alleged blood libel, even
though the portrayal of the Zionists as the murderers of Palestinian
children is not a libel at all, but a fact of daily life on the ground
in Palestine. This is an example of how abstracting entirely from the
concrete can lead to treating realities as libels.
He insists that we reject any idea that Israel has anything to do with
Jews -- no conflation allowed -- but he has achieved a virtually
complete conflation of the solidarity movement and anti-Semitism by
simply not confronting the realities of Palestine and the Zionist state.

He is very worried about people who think this is "most evil" but he
doesn't tell us whether he thinks it is evil at all.  He abstracts the
issue of anti-Semitism from the actual situation in Israel/Palestine,
and then, by applying his rulebook, essentially turns the opposition to
Israel into an expression of  anti-Semitism. 
Of course, his abstraction of the issue from actual struggles and real,
living Jews and real, living Palestinians and so forth renders his
opposition to anti-Semitism pretty much worthless.
Of course, I don't think Zionism is the "most evil" thing in the world.
I think US imperialism, Zionism's driving force and paymaster today,
holds that position but since Spencer seems also to be concerned about
excessive "anti-Americanism," I guess that won't pass mustard.
The most important fight against anti-Semitism today is the struggle
against the oppressive Israeli state, the Zionist state that portrays
itself as a Jewish state, and has organized its Jewish population to
oppress and wage war against the Palestinians and other Arabs in the pay
of Washington and in the name of world Jewry.  The course of this state
is the greatest threat that Jews have faced in reality since the Second
World War.  I think this has something to do with why Jews may make up
the largest national group other than Arabs and Palestinians in the
solidarity movement..
When Spencer can work up more indignation about what Zionism is actually
doing, including the threat it represents to the survival interests of
world Jewry, he will be able to play a constructive role in the real
fight against anti-Semitism.  Right  now he seems to be crippleda in
part by extremely abstract thinking that seems to block aspects of the
real world that real Jews live in from his line of vision.
Again, I want to thank Spencer for making known the availability of the
workshop online.  I found it both interesting and irritating, and really
did learn some things from it.
Fred Feldman

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