[Marxism] US-French UN resolution: "a recipe for continuation ofthe war"

Loupaulsen at sbcglobal.net Loupaulsen at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 7 05:07:47 MDT 2006

  Has this maybe to do that the US teamed up for this draft resolution with
French imperialism, the former colonial master of Lebanon and Syria, and has
sidelined Britain which sees itself as the main collaborator of US

  Maybe even the "Freedom Fries" are converted back to "french fries"? 
Lüko Willms
Frankfurt, Germany
Well, since you mention it, in fact:

Wed Aug 2, 4:33 PM ET

WASHINGTON (AFP) - French fries are back on the menu of cafeterias that
cater to US lawmakers on Capital Hill, more than three years after they were
replaced by "freedom fries" in anger over France's refusal to join the
US-led war in

Of the five food outlets that had heeded calls by House Republicans to
inject patriotism into their menus in March 2003, the last two that still
used "freedom fries" reverted back to the original name in the last two

A spokesman for Representative Vernon Ehlers (news, bio, voting record), a
Republican who chairs the House Administration Committee, which oversees the
cafeterias, declined to comment on the change when questioned by AFP.

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Coincidence, or "quid pro quo"???  You make the call!!  :-)

Lou Paulsen

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