[Marxism] Marginal and Parochial (was antisemitism workshop audio now online)

Yoshie Furuhashi critical.montages at gmail.com
Mon Aug 7 05:36:47 MDT 2006

It seems to me that Fred Feldman got the nature of the workshop right.

On 8/7/06, spencer s <spencerpdx at yahoo.com> wrote:
> some IMCs supress/hide and some IMCs don't
>i hear stories about radical kids spouting
> I haven't decided to out these people yet.
>in the other case i was specifically
> asked by a friend not to give the name of the
> magazine
a post-third  positionist
> grouping called "national anarchists"
> http://www.greenanarchy.org/index.php?action=viewwritingdetail&writingId=150
> in the late 80s there was a famous case of one of the
> editors of the magazine 'green anarchist' in the UK,
> Richard Hunt, who went over to the other side and
> became an actual eco-fascist
>this is a fascist site:
> http://www.nowarforisrael.org/

All the examples Spencer can come up are marginal, parochial, or
anonymous.  Why should anyone care about wingnuts on the far right and
far left who have no power?

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