[Marxism] On Jews, Israelis and Zionists

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Mon Aug 7 07:15:38 MDT 2006

Lüko Wilms wrote, on an enlightening posting dated 6 Aug 2006: 

> when a Palestinian Arab with or without Israeli citizenship 
> describes his enemies as "the Jews", he is only sticking with the
> fundamental Israeli state doctrine and basic laws. 

This is understandable at first sight.

But the adequate description should be "the Zionists, Jewish or not", 
even though long it is true.  This is not as important in Israel and 
the Middle East in general as elsewhere.  Lüko is right IMHO, when he 
speaks of Arabs in the State of Israel, Palestine or Lebanon: the 
balance between the War Party and the Peace Party in Israel is so 
overwhelmingly _for_ the first one, that no Arab in this region can 
be blamed for the metonymic use of "the Jews".

But outside that area, to say that it is "the Jews" who do the 
killing is simply to accept the point of view of Zionism, that is 
that Israel and the Jews are one single entity, whether there are 
Jews who accept it or not.  This is particularly important at places 
where there are large Jew communities.  NYC is one of those places.  
My home town is another one.

In these sections of the planet, we must reject the "confusion".  Of 
course, it is not anti-Semitism (or anti-Judaism, to be sure) that we 
must fight primarily, but Zionism.  But never forget that Zionists 
and anti-Jews share the starting point of their reasoning:  "Jews are 
different, they cannot be assimilated".

In USA or Argentina (second non-Israeli Jewish community outside USA) 
it is _most_ important, in order to support the Arab struggle, to 
establish a clear «Yesh Gvul, that is 'there's a limit'» of our own:  
we reject anti-Judaism _because_ we support the Arab struggle, we 
also reject it because we support the cause of those _Jews_ in Israel 
who either reject Zionism, support the Arab struggle or at least 
reject the military conduct of relations with the Arabs, etc.

Thus, though I understand Mike Friedman's comment in the sense that 
it is somehow bizarre, to put it in the mildest terms, to raise the 
issue of "anti-Semitism in the Left" at the very moment when Israeli, 
US-made, and Jew-manned machines of death and destruction ravage 
Lebanon, it is still necessary to draw a line between the 
Zionist+anti-Jewish racist bloc and ourselves.

Anti-Jewish racists must be denounced by us, and kept away from our 
mobilisations, etc., simply because they are the pretext the Zionists 
need to gather the majority of Jews around their ethnocentric flags.

If we ever will turn the Jews outside Israel against Zionism, then we 
must start the struggle NOW.

This is the actual meaning of Danielle Ni Dhighe's assertion on the 
same posting by Lüko:  

> Then this gives further sustenance to the very 
> fundamentals of Zionist propaganda - that the state 
> of Israel is necessary because the rest of the world 
> is irretrievably anti-semitic when you scratch the surface. 
> By responding to such self-justification in 
> an anti-semitic way, we play into their hands.

If we are to debate what shall we do, what we must debate is what 
shall we do in our concrete situation.  The concrete situation of 
most members of this list is NOT the situation of a Palestinian or 
Lebanese Arab living in Israel or nearby.  It is the situation of 
people living in the USA, or First World countries.  Rejection of 
anti-Semitism, a strong (and at first sight unnecessary) rejection of 
anti-Semitism, is one of the strongest weapons we can wield against 
Zionists (be they either Jews or Gentile)

As to the remaining comments of Lüko on the revanchism of some 
sections of the German bourgeoisie, we should simply thank him for 
his comments.

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