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According to a report on the Tel Aviv anti-war rally, 

> The keynote speech was delivered by Saul Feldman, a person hitherto
> unknown to most of his listeners. "I live in Nesher, which as you know
> is a suburb of Haifa. Until three weeks ago, this was just a
> geographical detail, a quite comfortable house to live in. On the day
> this war broke out, I and my wife went to the demonstration in
> Tel-Aviv. On the following day we were sitting in a back room when
> there was this whistle and explosion, quite near, and our dog came
> running, shaking and very frightened. Our front room was in shambles,
> broken glass strewn everywhere. I tried the piano to see if it was
> working, that was when the press photographers arrived."

This is no surprise.  Saúl Feldman (that his original name) is an 
Argentinean Jew.  Argentinean Jews have a most important role in the 
peace movement in Israel, particularly those who left Argentina 
around or before the 70s, like Feldman or Barenboim:  they are 
reflecting, in fact, the organically integratory character of the 
Argentinean society, as seen from a progressive Jewish standpoint.

For them, the very fact that a State splits its citizens according to 
"nationalities" instead of covering all beneath a single "nation" is 
unspeakably incongruous.  This, of course, does not mean that such a 
State equalizes through class divides, etc.  It simply says that the 
ideology and practice of the State of Israel is, like that of 
apartheid, and that of Nazism, the ideology and practice of the 
multinational empire, like the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

A lot can be learnt on Israel by reading the Austro-Marxists on the 
national question.  

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