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> There is good new article by Gilbert Achcar, but it is too long to post
> here.
> Here is the link though:
> http://www.alternativenews.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=490&Itemid=1
> A severely truncated version:
> Everyday that passes shows more of those who enthusiastically supported
> the Bush administration’s imperial drive in the Middle East leaving its
> sinking ship. There can be no doubt any longer that what many had
> forecast long ago is proving absolutely true: the Bush administration
> will definitely go down in history as the clumsiest crew that ever stood
> at the helm of the American Empire.
> [...]
> At the time of writing, Washington is still striving to buy Israel some
> more time by imposing unacceptable conditions for a UN Security Council
> resolution calling for a ceasefire. And Israeli generals, faced with the
> total failure of their “post-heroic” bombing campaign, are engaged in a
> race against the clock in order to grasp, through an utterly destructive
> “post-heroic” ground offensive, as much as possible of southern Lebanese
> territory at the lowest possible cost in Israeli soldiers’ lives.
> But the most they can realistically expect now is to hand back this
> territory to an international force that would be accepted by Hezbollah.
> French President Jacques Chirac himself, though he’s been Washington’s
> close collaborator on the issue of Lebanon since 2004, has emphasized
> that Hezbollah’s concurrence is a condition that must be met. No country
> on earth, to be sure, is willing to try to accomplish in Lebanon the
> mission that Israel itself is unable to fulfill. And the Shiite
> organization has already stated that it won’t accept any force with a
> mandate going substantially beyond that of the already existing UNIFIL
> that Israel considers as a nuisance.
> Whatever the final outcome of the ongoing war on Lebanon, one thing is
> already clear: instead of helping in raising the sinking ship of the
> U.S. Empire, the Israeli rescue boat has actually aggravated the
> shipwreck, and is currently being dragged down with it.
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