[Marxism] Anti-Semitism and the (Greek) Left

Jim Fleming jim at autonomedia.org
Mon Aug 7 10:03:53 MDT 2006

"On the evening of the 1st of August in the year 2006 an event took  
place that not even those who thought they had an idea about the anti- 
Semitism of the “traditional” Greek leftwing parties could envisage.  
After a mass evocation of anti-Semitic hysteria a pack of supporters  
of the Greek Communist Party and its youth wing “broke through the  
pig’s chains” (as they proudly wrote in the Rizospastis – the party  
organ), protecting the Holocaust Monument in Plateia Eleytherias  
(“Place of Freedom”), and desecrated it with photos against the war  
in Lebanon.

The breaking of the taboo — upholding the respect for the memory of  
the victims of the Nazis, not by fascists, but by people calling  
themselves leftwing — is the latest climax of a recent series of anti- 
Semitic manifestations in both word and deed in which the Greek  
Communist party (KKE) has played a leading role."

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