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--- Brian Shannon <brian_shannon at verizon.net> wrote:
> Whatever the truth is about this action and whatever
> faction of  
> communism and/or socialism this represents, it is
> negative proof of  
> the need to distinguish Zionist from Jewish, not
> only within the  
> Middle East, but more importantly, because it is our
> role as  
> educators where we function politically, within
> imperialist countries.

This Belgian socialist minister cannot make the
distinction between Zionist and Jewish, either. Less
dramatic, but the same dynamic going on:

Belgian minister booed over Mideast speech
By Yossi Lempkowicz 	Updated: 28/Jul/2006 10:52
BRUSSELS (EJP)--- A ceremony organised on Thursday to
protest against the desecration of a memorial for
Holocaust victims was disrupted when Belgian Defence
minister referred to the killing of civilians in  
the conflict in Lebanon in his speech.

Socialist Minister André Flahaut was speaking before a
crowd of 500 mainly Jewish people, who had gathered at
the vandalised monument. “This Memorial reminds us of
the futility and cruelty of war, of all wars, which
first of all affect innocent civilians,” he said.

The attack on the memorial, discovered last Monday,
was described as "devastating” and “clearly
anti-Semitic” by Jewish officials.

Belgian Defence Minister André Flahaut

No traces

The gate of the memorial’s crypt was ripped out,
documents were destroyed, windows broken and an urn
containing ashes from the Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi
death camp was desecrated and emptied.

”These wars call upon us citizens and political
representatives. We must leave no stone unturned to
stop the sound of arms and give place to dialogue,
common sense, reason, diplomacy, and to all actors who
will favour and secure peace,” Minister Flahaut added,
sparking outrage in the crowd which booed him several

“This is not the place for such speech. He is
referring to the conflict in the Middle East. This is
unacceptable,” one of the participants, Pedro Weinreb,
told EJP.

«It’s enough» several angry people shouted,
interrupting the minister’s speech.

Flahaut later explained to EJP that he wanted to say
that the war should stop the war as soon as possible
and that this was the position of the Belgian

The rally had been called by the “Union of deportees
in Belgium-Sons and Daughters of Deportation”.

Although the Memorial is located in Anderlecht, a
Brussels district with a large Arab population, there
is no indication that the act could be linked to the
current conflict between Israel and Hezbollah.

Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, who is
currently on holiday, was said to be "shocked" by this
attack, his cabinet announced.

"It is clearly an anti-Semitic act because it reaches
a symbol of Judaism in Belgium," Philippe Markiewicz,
president of CCOJB, the umbrella group of Jewish
organisations in Belgium, told EJP.

During the ceremony, Anderlecht Mayor Jacques Simonet
said the Jewish community can be assured that the
Belgian public authorities «will stand firm against
racism and anti-Semitism. »

He also announced that measures would be taken to
secure the Memorial site.

The Brussels National Monument to the Jewish Martyrs
of Belgium bears the names of 25,411 men, women and
children deported from Belgium to Auschwitz-Birkenau
during WWII.  

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