[Marxism] Fw: [lbo-talk] The Sinking Ship of U.S. Imperial Designs

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Mon Aug 7 11:28:17 MDT 2006

Carrol Cox:

> All imperial ships sink sooner or later, and to believe that the U.S.
> empire is now sinking is no doubt  comforting to those whose political
> strategy is to align with the 'less evil' or 'slightly progressive'
> ruling-class parties while hoping for a better day. But unlike ships at
> sea many metaphorical ships sink very very slowly, and the u.s. empire
> has nuclear teeth! It will not go down peacefully.
I think you'd have a hard time making the charge of "lesser-evilism" stick 
to Gilbert Achcar, the author of the article whose thesis you dispute. 

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