[Marxism] Re: Anti-Semitism and the Left

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 7 12:19:33 MDT 2006

Seems to me this Belgian socialist was right. It's in the same spirit  as veterans of the Warsaw ghetto rebellion and other antifascist  fighters who have said "keep your hands off our legacy. WE fought  fascism and militarist aggression, YOU (the Zionists) are reproducing  it.
  Spencer wrote:
This Belgian socialist minister cannot make the
distinction between Zionist and Jewish, either. Less
dramatic, but the same dynamic going on:

Belgian minister booed over Mideast speech
By Yossi Lempkowicz  Updated: 28/Jul/2006 10:52
BRUSSELS (EJP)--- A ceremony organised on Thursday to
protest against the desecration of a memorial for
Holocaust victims was disrupted when Belgian Defence
minister referred to the killing of civilians in  
the conflict in Lebanon in his speech.

Socialist Minister André Flahaut was speaking before a
crowd of 500 mainly Jewish people, who had gathered at
the vandalised monument. “This Memorial reminds us of
the futility and cruelty of war, of all wars, which
first of all affect innocent civilians,” he said.

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