[Marxism] The anti-Semitism workshop

Ian Pace ian at ianpace.com
Mon Aug 7 15:28:38 MDT 2006

From: <cleon42 at yahoo.com>
> The Zionist movement, up until it got formal support from the
> imperialists, was a tiny political cult in Europe. It had no
> substantial support from the majority of the Jewish population.
In this context I might mention something I've recently been reading about 
in another context. The Princesse Carolyne von Sayn-Wittgenstein, known for 
her thirty-year association with composer/pianist Franz Liszt, was a 
notorious anti-Semite (and doctored some of Liszt's writings to insert long 
anti-semitic passages of her own). However, according to what I've been 
reading, she was also a fervent Zionist, beleiving 'Palestine belonged to 
the Jews', just as 'Italy belonged to the Italians', 'Poland to the Poles', 
'France to the French', etc. Apparently this was the *most* controversial of 
her views from a Jewish viewpoint, and seen as totally anti-semitic by 
Jewish associations of the time (1870s-1880s). If this situation was 
representative, then it would seem that Zionism not simply received only 
little support from the Jewish population of Europe in the late-nineteenth 
century, but it was actually an extremely controversial view that one should 
not even voice support for in the presence of Jewish people! Does anyone 
know any more about this and the very early history of Zionism (pre-Dreyfus 
and pre-Herzl's Der Judenstaat of 1896)?


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