[Marxism] History of Consumer Boycotts in USA?

i.lagardien-alumni at lse.ac.uk i.lagardien-alumni at lse.ac.uk
Wed Aug 9 06:22:31 MDT 2006

I haven't been followng the boycott thread .... Here are some thoughts.
I have often wondered why progressive/leftist/anarchist folk in the US do not start consumer boycott campaigns. This was one of the most potent 'weapons' in our arsenal during periods of the anti-apartheid struggle. There were times when entire towns (read: white-owned businesses) were dragged to virtual ghosts towns during business hours. 
Although I am not aggressive, I have ALWAYS tended to boycott Israeli products. Especially when I'm in Europe. In London/Britain we are always more aggressive. Here in the US, there is an entire category of things I will not buy, or support. While I struggle, as most people do, to make ends meet, and Walmart's prices are low, I try to avoid them at all costs. but then again, I have even stopped reading most newspapers.
Anyway, Is there a history of cunsumer boycott's in the US? 

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