[Marxism] Independence is Not Nothing

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 9 12:33:33 MDT 2006

>And in those cases (China, Vietnam, Iran, India) who would dare say that
>the sacrifices of the revolutionary struggle were in vain! National
>independence in a world of globalized capitalism is still of immense

Carrol, the Fedayii lost many fighters in guerrilla warfare against the 
Shah. In fact the repression against them was much deeper than it was 
against the Shi'ites. One of the reasons the clerics were able to hijack 
the revolution is that the mosques enjoyed a kind of autonomy that the left 
never had. A mullah could make a fiery speech on a Friday night and Savak 
would let it go. If a student got caught handing out anti-Shah leaflets at 
a university, they could get tortured. Of course, after the revolutionary 
guards took over, they tortured students just like Savak.

The Fedayii did not die in vain fighting to overthrow the Shah. If that is 
what Yoshie is trying to say, then I have no problem with that. However, 
with her apologetics for the gang in power, I had the uncomfortable feeling 
that she was excusing their repression. In fact, that is what she has been 
doing, come to think of it. For her, the Iranian left was just a bunch of 
losers--like the Trotskyists in the USSR. Too bad they didn't have a 
Machiavellian like Yoshie to advise them how to win power.



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