[Marxism] Suggestion: let's create a FAQ!, was: Boycott Japan and China

Sayan Bhattacharyya ok.president+marxmail at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 13:42:16 MDT 2006

On 8/9/06, Marvin Gandall <marvgandall at videotron.ca> wrote:
> There are also two other reasons worth noting beyond the size and strength
> of the US consumer market to explain why the US attracts foreign capital.
> One is the stability of the US political system. The US is still
> considered
> the world's safe haven for the global elites - for good reason. Its
> capitalist class has been to date the most politically secure in the
> world,
> with little perceived threat to it from mass movements from below seeking
> to
> alter state fiscal and monetary policy to the detriment of private
> investors. Foreign investors are willing to pay a premium for US stocks,
> bonds, and other assets for this reason.

Why is this the case (why aren't mass movements from below taking place in
the USA, if working-class people in the USA really have a reason to be so
unhappy)? This is a question that socialists often get asked.

Another related question that socialists often get asked: why do immigrants
from Mexico risk their lives crossing the desert into the USA, rather than
risk their lives crossing the sea into Cuba?

We need to be prepared with convincing answers for these questions to people
who ask them. And the answers need to be in laypeople's terms (free from
jargon and shorthand words like "imperialism"),  in a way people whose
political awareness is only barely beginning to form can relate to.

One good project for Marxists (perhaps for this list?) to develop, may be to
create a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions, and their answers) to address
these types of questions, and put it up in a central location (such as the
Marxmail site or the Marx-Engels archives).

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