[Marxism] Independence is Not Nothing

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Wed Aug 9 16:28:14 MDT 2006

I agree with much of what David McDonald is suggesting, with some

Green Party organization represents a coalition of various forces.  Roughly,
as outlined in my book on the Greenbackers, participants in progressive
third party movements tend to think of themselves in three ways: a vehicle
for protest voting, largely as an encouragement for the Democrats to drift
left in their rhetoric to cover their flank; the nucleus of a distinct
political party principled in its independent stance; and a pragmatic
approach that seeks a fluid, broader, flexible, third part stance that can
keep these other two currents together.  That is, you want the protest
voters to remain independent of the Democrats and you want the
party-builders not to sectify the effort.

This isn't an easy argument to make within the Greens at present, mostly
because there is no venue for which to make the case.  However, the idea of
avoiding rigid party structures, while resisting the predisposition to tilt
to the Democrats requires some very fancy footwork in most situations.

I find Camejo's course in California to be exemplary in many regards.


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