Deja vu(was:Re: [Marxism] Zionism - or Jewish chauvinism?)

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Thu Aug 10 10:48:04 MDT 2006

Am Thu, 10 Aug 2006 17:32:17 +0200 schrieb Marvin Gandall  
<marvgandall at>:

> Not much has changed?

My remark was meant in relation to Meretz and Peace Now attitudes.

> I think the absolute inability of Israel's fabled army to suppress a
> relative handful of well prepared Hezbollah fighters and thousands of
> relatively primitive missiles hitting its cities and shutting down the
> northern half of the country for an extended period has made quite an
> impression on the Israeli public that things have changed - and not for  
> the
> better.

I agree. If you look at today's Haaretz, you will see the rather dim  
outlook. Beside the sober analysis by Zeev Schiff I posted here, there is  
a commentary by  Akiva Eldar arguing Israel has the choice between cholera  
and plague:
In another commentary Ari Shavit demands: "It's time for truth, not spin":
Meron Benvenisti remarks sarcastically: "Now it is already clear that the  
goal of the war is - how original - to win! And it actually makes no  
difference what this victory signifies in real terms, such as stopping the  
Katyusha fire or security arrangements."
Additionally Haaretz opened its pages to a leading Fath member, Imad  
Shakur, stating that the IDF has been defeated:

> Anyway, I don't care how lacking in moral fibre or poitical steadfastness
> these people may or may not be, so long as they move in towards the left
> rather than further to the right

I agree with you that it is not a moral issue here, but a political one.  
And given the past experiences with those forces I doubt they can really  
make a change.


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