[Marxism] Iranian labor and US trade union "support" - was "Winning and Losing" etc.

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 10 12:39:14 MDT 2006

Lou Paulsen wrote:
>In international affairs, it has pretty much played the role of a CIA 
>operative.  Therefore, it seems to me that statements from the AFL-CIO are 
>just about as "supportive" as statements by George W. Bush, and just about 
>as unlikely to impress the government or working people of Iran, and, to 
>use an overused old Bolshevik phrase, "support them the way a rope 
>supports a hanged person."

No, this is wrong. The AFL-CIO is a working class institution. The American 
government is a bourgeois institution. They are on opposite sides of the 
class struggle, even when the trade union bureaucracy misleads. For more 
information on this, I suggest Lenin's "Ultraleftism, an infantile disorder."

>I'm not really trying to make or criticize policy for Iranian bus drivers, 
>but Louis went out of his way to praise a particular action (or inaction) 
>by Iranian bus drivers, and I would like to know more about why he thinks 
>it was so great.

I could find no evidence one way or another what the bus drivers said about 
the AFL-CIO. After all they were held incommunicado in a dungeon at the time.



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