[Marxism] "Winning" and "losing" in Iran, the USSR and the US (was: Independence is Not Nothing)

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Thu Aug 10 13:00:18 MDT 2006

Yoshie wrote:> I'll also say, however, that there are circumstances outside the West> that warrant even a capitalist state breaking strikes.  The> suppression of the recent bus drivers' strike isn't one of them, but> there will be such circumstances in Iran, Venezuela, and elsewhere in> the near future.  Each strike has to be understood case by case, so I> won't say that I'll be always on the side of striking workers under> capitalism _no matter what_.I tend to agree with Yoshie in this discussion, and I think this is a salient point: under Allende, the CIA used strikes and labour disruption to bring about a military dictatorship.  *However*, the principle of workers' democracy has to be upheld here.  By this I mean, if it is in fact a serious grassroots strike based on legitimate grievances, communist activists should respect it, even if we disagree with the strike.  Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing for sure, and people will have to make their own assessment based on the circumstances.  There has to be hard argument, but there can be no moralising about this.
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