[Marxism] More on Iranian bus drivers (was: Winning etc.

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 10 13:01:38 MDT 2006

>If Rick Santorum was already writing letters in support of the drivers on 
>January 6, then maybe some people involved in organizing the union really 
>were making some bad alliances or worse.  Leaving the AFL-CIO out of it 
>for the moment, wouldn't it have been a good thing for the bus drivers to 
>issue a statement along the lines of "Fuck Off, Rick Santorum!  We are not 
>interested in any support from 'influential politicians' like you!  Stay 
>out of our internal Iranian debate!!"  Of course maybe none of the drivers 
>knew about it.  But with friends like these, who needs enemies?  As they say.
>Lou Paulsen

I think the likelihood is that the bus drivers in Tehran don't have the 
foggiest idea who Rick Santorum is or what he was saying. In any case, just 
as long as you understand that their strike was a just one and the attack 
on them was unjustified, we have no quarrel. Just today, the Washington 
Post reported:

"The AFL-CIO voted yesterday to join forces with a national network of 
day-laborer organizers in a push for worker rights and legalization for 
unauthorized workers, a move that could provide day laborers with a potent 
ally in efforts to establish hiring halls and combat shifty employers."

Should we be hostile to this network because it "joined forces" with the 
AFL-CIO? I think not.

Rick Santorum supports increased funding for research into autism? Would 
you oppose such an increase? I think not.



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