[Marxism] Iranian labor and US trade union "support" - was"Winning and Losing" etc.

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Thu Aug 10 20:51:16 MDT 2006

Mike Friedman replied to Louis Proyect:

Disingenuous, Lou. You asserted (to Lou Paulsen): "No, this is wrong. The
AFL-CIO is a working class institution. The American government is a
bourgeois institution. They are on opposite sides of the class struggle,
even when the trade union bureaucracy misleads." I cited this section and
specifically responded to it. You're wrong. Period.
This raises some interesting questions.

If the AFL-CIO and its affiliates are not bona fide trade union

1) What do you do if you are in an unorganized workplace, and your workmates
start circulating union cards of an affiliate or directly chartered
federation local and asks you to sign on. Do you refuse? Would you counsel
your fellow workers against accepting financial and other support from the
federation because they will become compromised?

2) What do you do if you are already in an organized workplace, and your
workmates start a campaign to decertify the union. Since you don't consider
it a union as such, would you join their campaign, and if not, why not? Why
would you counsel them instead to keep paying dues to an organization which
is an instrument of the bosses and imperialism rather than the workers?

3) Is it only the AFL-CIO which you've read out of the working class? What
about the Change to Win? Is it a labour organization? If so, in what way (s)
is it qualitatively different from the AFL-CIO?

4) Do you consider that there are any unions in the US today, and by what

5) Do you perhaps only believe in red unions - that is, support only for
labour organizations which are opposed to capitalism? Would you urge your
workmates to replace their existing union with the IWW as the bargaining
agent with the employer, for example?

6) There was mention of the arrangement reported today between the Mexican
day labourers and the AFL-CIO, which is assisting them. Is this a positive
development for these workers?

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