[Marxism] Iranian labor and US trade union "support" - was"Winning and Losing" etc.

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 10 22:26:44 MDT 2006

Marvin wrote:
>Do you perhaps only believe in red unions - that is, support only for
>labour organizations which are opposed to capitalism? Would you urge your
>workmates to replace their existing union with the IWW as the bargaining
>agent with the employer, for example?

Things are getting hopelessly confused. Mike said that the AFL-CIO's role 
was completely counter-revolutionary outside the USA in places like Guyana, 
El Salvador, etc. where the AIFLD basically functions like the CIA as a 
subversive counter-revolutionary outfit. He never said that this was what 
was going on *inside* the USA. He also confused things when he made this 
point in the course of a debate about the bus drivers in Iran. Their strike 
was not a typical AIFLD operation. The only connection between the AFL-CIO 
and their strike was a press release from Solidarity House demanding the 
release of jailed bus drivers. That is completely different from the AIFLD 
building anti-Communist unions in Latin America and strikes to topple 
figures like Allende or Chavez. This is not to say that the AFL-CIO will 
never operate this way in Iran, only that there is no evidence of that in 
the bus driver's strike. If some comrades think the strike was tainted 
because of an AFL-CIO press release, then there's not much we can do about 
that. I would call that terminal sectarianism and be done with it. 

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