MR and Iran was Re: [Marxism] The AFL-CIO etc.

Yoshie Furuhashi critical.montages at
Fri Aug 11 05:51:19 MDT 2006

On 8/10/06, Erik Carlos Toren <ectoren at> wrote:
> From looking at that article and the web page, is it safe to assume this
> debate you are having between yourself and Yoshie is not just w/i this
> confines of this forum? But. Rather a debate that seems be at least between
> MR and members of the Iranian Left?

I've published a wide variety of leftist opinions on Iran, from
MEK-loving Ron Jacobs to MEK-hating Ross, those who buy the story of
Iran's executions of gay men like Michael Steinberg to those who take
that story with a giant grain of salt like myself, ISO youth like Pham
Binh to postmodernist Oxford scholars like Arshin Adib-Moghaddam.  I
even published an open letter criticizing Ross and MRZine that you've
reposted here.

That's the same principle according to which I operate on other
subjects, concerning the Democratic Party (from Greens to left
Democrats), organized labor (staffers to rank-and-filers), and so on.

In many cases, as you can see, what's in MRZine articles, except my
own, isn't in any way close to my views on the subjects discussed by

Folks shouldn't confuse my opinion or any opinion in any single MRZine
article with MR's.  MRZine is a forum for debates, not a party
newspaper.  The only opinions in MR and MRZine that you may regard as
MR's own are what's in Notes from the Editors in MR.

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