[Marxism] "How I Found Myself with the Islamic Fascists"

M. Junaid Alam junaidalam1 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 11 15:40:29 MDT 2006


*From High Wycombe to Nazareth* How I Found Myself with the Islamic Fascists



It occurred to me as I watched the story unfolding on my TV of a suspected
plot by a group of at least 20 British Muslims to blow up planes between the
UK and America that the course of my life and that of the alleged
"terrorists" may have run in parallel in more ways than one.

Like a number of them, I am originally from High Wycombe, one of the
non-descript commuter towns that ring London. As aerial shots wheeled above
the tiled roof of a semi-detached house there, I briefly thought I was
looking at my mother's home.

But doubtless my and their lives have diverged in numerous ways. According
to news reports, the suspects are probably Pakistani, a large "immigrant"
community that has settled in many corners of Britain, including High
Wycombe and Birmingham, a grey metropolis in the country's centre where at
least some of the arrested men are believed to have been

M. Junaid Alam

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