[Marxism] On OUT NOW!

Brian Shannon brian_shannon at verizon.net
Sun Aug 13 09:37:18 MDT 2006

On Aug 13, 2006, at 11:25 AM, mlause at cinci.rr.com wrote:

> Or even to using a copier on key selections...but that would be  
> illegal
> and the SWP would probably sue you..

You must know the answer to this yourself as you are a teacher, and  
there are lawyers on this site who if they check this probably have  
the correct answer.

However, my belief has been that individuals copying a book for their  
own purpose would not be violating the law. Nor would it be a  
violation if they afterwards gave it to another.

It would be a violation, however, to sell it to another, probably  
even if it was only for the cost of the original copying.

When copied at schools for use in a course, the school has worked  
this out with the publisher, either directly or probably, in order to  
simplify the process, through a publisher's organization.


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