[Marxism] Leftist campaign stirs US media hopes (hallucinatory) that Lula will be defeated

dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Mon Aug 14 04:17:48 MDT 2006

Fred,I think your premise is totally wrong: that imperialism is hopeful of a
Lula defeat. I don't believe this is true. Lula has done far more than Cardozo
ever did in restructuring the Brazilian economy...in conditions favorable to US
and other Latin American investment. He can do this because he can put a lid on
the class struggle that no right-winger could even dream about. There is a myth
that the US opposes all the pacts for "integration". I don't agree. I think
anything that assures capitalist property relations *and investment* is going
to get support in some way from the US. Bush as much told Lula this earlier
when they attended the Summit earlier this year. This is especially true if a
lid can be kept on independent mobilizations, like what occured last summer in

I agree about the Helena H. campaign of the PSOL. It is not aimed for power. But
polls indicate she could get 10% of the vote, there is that much dissatisfaction
with Lula's pro-capitalist administration...enough, maybe, to cause Lula and his
PT/capitalist party coalition to lose to a more conservative alliance. Should
the PSOL garner 10% or even 4%, it will assure an *increase* in their
representation in the Brazilian Congress.


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