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In answer to the New York Times question today, Monday, August 14, 2006,
"What is Cuba¹s political future and should the U.S. be involved in shaping
it?" My answer to this question is number 483.  Walter Lippman's is number
503, at:


In solidarity,

Bonnie Weinstein

483. Bonnie Weinstein:

Hasn't the U.S. government brought enough plunder into this
world yet? And, for how many years have they tried to overturn
the Cuban revolution? Are we, the American people and the
people of the world, going to sit by as this government, in our
name and with our tax dollars, attempts to rule the world with
force and violence as they are currently doing in Afghanistan,
Iraq and financing in Palestine?

And just who is benefiting from this plunder? Not the American
people who are seeing our wages, benefits and working conditions
deteriorate at light-speed! Not the people of Afghanistan, Iraq
and Palestine who are being blown apart! And certainly, the
Cuban people would not benefit from the demolition of their
socialist security network that keeps Cubans from starving and
from homelessness and provides free education and healthcare
to all of its people--even under the economic sanctions and
strangulation of the American embargo against them!

American big business--the wealthiest big American businesses
--are the ones who are profiting off of their powerful, marauding
war machine bringing death and destruction the world over.
It is they who stand to profit more from the domination of Cuba,
Venezuela and the entire world--they are making billions more
in profit off of their plunder and theft of the world's most valuable
resources both material and human--that's what they do; that's
what they care about. That is their only goal!

What we, the American, Afghan, Iraqi, Palestinian, Cuban,
Venezuelan--all hard-working people the world over need to do
--is to organize ourselves in unity and solidarity with each other
an in direct opposition to the U.S. war and profit machine. It is
up to all of us to unite together to stop them. If we don't, the
world will not survive their insatiable greed and quest for
more wealth and power through the use of force and violence
against we, the masses of humanity. This is the well-worn path
taken by the wealthy elite throughout history that we--
the overwhelming majority of humanity--must finally block.

The militarily fortified one-percent of humanity that is the
wealthy elite that rules this government and is attempting
to rule the world will not stop their plunder by themselves--
not even at the risk of all life on the planet--and that is
really what we are up against!

What we must finally realize is, that without our cooperation
and acceptance of their superiority and position above
us based on their ability to accumulate vast amounts
of personal wealth, the wealthy elite have no real power
of their own! Our sheer numbers are our power and strength
over this tiny, vicious and malignant minority currently
planted in the seat of world power.

All of us together are the only force that can unseat them,
topple and finally disarm them! The future of human life
on Earth really is up to us!
posted on August 14th, 2006 at 12:18 pm

503. Walter Lippmann:

Thanks for opening up this forum to discussion of US policy
toward Cuba. It¹s obvious that our two countries are closely
linked. As Wayne Smith so well described it, it¹s that of ³The
Closest of Enemies². That needs to and can change, if the
United States would simply decide to allow Cuba the right
to solve its own problems without further intervention.

Cuba is completely unique on the planet in that it¹s the only
country on earth where a military base exists which belongs
to a hostile foreign power which is committed by its national
legislation to the overthrow of the Cuban government.
Not only that, but Washington has propounded a nearly
500-page plan for what should happen to Cuba should
the Cuban government somehow collapse.

As an independent journalist who lives and works in Cuba
for extended periods of time (I¹ve been here ten weeks
on this visit), I can assure you that there is nothing going
on here among ordinary Cubans about any kind of ³regime
change² in this country. Fidel is essentially out on sick leave
and his brother, as indicated in the island¹s constitution,
is minding the store.

When I say nothing going on, I really mean NOTHING.
Naturally, people are concerned about the health of their
president, but they know he has the best doctors on the
island and so ordinary people are simply going on about
their business.

Again, thanks for opening up this important discussion.

Walter Lippmann
Havana, Cuba
posted on August 14th, 2006 at 12:30 pm

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