[Marxism] On OUT NOW!

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Mon Aug 14 13:17:13 MDT 2006

Mark Lause writes, "Or even to using a copier on key selections...but that
would be illegal and the SWP would probably sue you..."

Whether or not copying some section of a book is in fact a violation of
copyright is a complicated legal matter. If you want to be a lawyer, by all
means, call the SWP and get their lawyers involved, and be prepared to get
some of your own.

Then again, if you're disinclined to turn yourself into the feds every time
you tear off the little tag from a mattress, I'd suggest this approach.

Information wants to be free. Both free as in freedom and free as in free
beer, which are intimately connected despite the distinctions the free
software foundation makes, because most of all information wants to be free
from the commodity form and it fetishisms.

If you are for the freedom of information, remember: the best way to say
something is to do it.


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