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Mon Aug 14 18:30:21 MDT 2006

Hmm...actually, I don't support H.H. and her PSOL candidacy, I don't really know
a thing about them, although she and some of her comrades have a reputation. I
don't think Brazilians are any different than anyone else, especially when
faced with a lack of leadership on part of their own class organizations. I'm
actually still a fan of the PT, in the sense that it represents the class as a
political entity. I just don't like it's politics very much. That 10% may vote
for the PSOL is *interesting* since the vote will no doubt, come from former
voters of the PT. Why would so many Brazilians vote for an openly
socialist/Marxist candidate vs their own PT workers leader? This requires
analysis, don't ya' think? That would be an interesting discussion for us, or
for us to observe since there are few if any Brazilians on this list.

My point about Chirinos and his Party, the PSR, is the same as Nestor's: maybe
they are wrong, maybe they are not. But more importantly, that there is a
diversity of ideas within the UNT specifically and the Venezuelan Bolivarian
movement in general is fascinating and encouraging (even if in this one leader
is wrong). Maybe people will go to the aporrea.org site and look around and 
see what revolutionaries are discussing these days in Caracas.


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