[Marxism] Re: Cagan's support for Maliki

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Mon Aug 14 21:43:31 MDT 2006

Lou Pa. wrote:

But in this case I was responding to Fred's long post saying that MIKE
was a

What I actually wrote was:
I give no support to the el-Maliki government in Iraq, but I think the
Mike Friedman position is sectarian

This was a characterization of positions, not of persons, and I also
placed it in the broader context of developments in the antiwar movement
since the UFPJ went on it's dump Bush and dump Palestine benders after
the big upsurge in the first half of 2003.

Actually, I don't think that Mike is a sectarian at all, but in any case
I agree that such characterizations should be avoided.

I agree with Lou that there is no harm in his expressing his position or
in me expressing mine.
Fred Feldman

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