[Marxism] Todd Chretien (CP): Weak, Passive, Distracted: What Next for the American Antiwar Movement?

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Tue Aug 15 10:34:20 MDT 2006

On 8/15/06, Mike Friedman <mikedf at amnh.org> wrote:
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> August 15, 2006
> Weak, Passive, Distracted
> What Next for the American Antiwar Movement?
> While 60 per cent of the American population opposes the endless
> occupation of Iraq, the anti-war movement itself still accepts many ideas
> that weaken it. These ideas will not be overcome quickly, but they must be
> openly raised and debated.

Chretien ("Weak, Passive, Distracted: What Next for the American
Antiwar Movement?" 15 August 2006,
<http://www.counterpunch.org/chretien08152006.html>) mentions these

* "Condemning 'both sides' in the Middle East is just like condemning
'both sides' in the American Civil War. During the Civil War, with all
its complications, one side fought for slavery and the other fought
for emancipation. Today in the Middle East, one side fights to rob and
pillage, the other seeks self-determination and dignity."

"Democrats and Republicans alike have vilified Islam. Bush's latest
phrase is 'Islamic fascists.' Too many anti-war activists have bought
into the lie that Islam is a danger. . . . The anti-war movement needs
to shake off its Islamophobia and make sustained efforts to reach out
to Arab and Muslim community in the United States to bring them into
the heart of the anti-war movement."

"Israel is part of the American empire and is key to the U.S. plans
for permanent domination of the Middle East. If we ever want to see
our troops come home from Iraq, then the anti-war movement must fight
to cut off all American aid to Israel. This will mean a fierce debate
amongst liberal organizations, unions, etc. But it is necessary and
now is the best time to raise it."

"Just as in 2004, when the movement demobilized to get behind John
'I'll send more troops to Iraq" Kerry, today, the movement is
paralyzed waiting for Hillary Clinton, or some other savior to 'end
the Bush regime.'"

Worse, these -- the "pox on both houses" stance, Islamophobia,
Zionism, and dependence on the Democratic Party -- are interlocking
problems.  You can't get rid of any without getting rid of all.

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