[Marxism] What the hell has happened to the Israeli army?

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Tue Aug 15 13:22:46 MDT 2006

Yoshie writes:

> On 8/14/06, Marvin Gandall <marvgandall at videotron.ca> wrote:
>> What military alternatives are left?
> Bombing Iran.  Whether that will "solve" anything is immaterial to the
> key holders of power in Tel Aviv and Washington.

So why haven't they bombed Iran yet, if the outcome is so "immaterial" to
>> But the only
>> demonstrated effect of each of these invasions has been to demonstrate
>> US-Israeli military weakness rather than strength, to demoralize their
>> home
>> fronts, and to embolden and stiffen the resolve of the Islamist movements
>> and regimes.

> The home fronts in Israel and the USA do not appear demoralized.  In
> any case, with the kind of war Tel Aviv and Washington are fighting,
> the home fronts just have to acquiesce to them, rather than actively
> support them.

I don't know of anyone else left, right, or centre who believes with you
that a) the majority of the US and Israeli populations regard the wars in
Iraq and Lebanon as anything other than national disasters and b) that the
Bush and Olmert administrations are unmoved by the effect of public opinion
on their military options and political fortunes. They don't have to see
millions demonstrating in the streets to guage how unpopular their wars have
become and how it has affected their objectives.
> Lastly, military and political "solutions" are not mutually exclusive.
> War is merely politics by other means.  They fight their wars so as
> to create consensus for their political "solutions" as the lesser of
> two evils.

Thanks for the history lesson. But you're the one suggesting they'll bomb
Iran just for the hell of it, regardless of whether it will be militarily
effective or strengthen or weaken their position in the region.

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