[Marxism] Immigration and how it has changed U.S. Political and Cultural Landscape

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New Data Shows Immigrants¹ Growth and Reach
How has the influx of immigrants to the U.S.
changed the political and cultural landscape?

The number of immigrants living in American households rose
16 percent over the last five years, fueled largely by recent arrivals
from Mexico, according to fresh data released by the Census Bureau.
Increasingly, immigrants are settling directly in parts of the country
that until recently saw little immigrant activity.

Also, the number of immigrants has continued to surge in
metropolitan New York since 2000, according to census figures,
and that increase, combined with high birth rates, has elevated
the foreign-born and their children in New York City itself to fully
60 percent of the population.

How has the influx of immigrants to the U.S. changed the political
and cultural landscape?


339. Bonnie Weinstein:

When I was a little girl back in the 1950¹s my first history text book
had an illustration of the ³races² of humanity. They were little
line drawings about one inch square of ³faces of the races² and
they appeared in the back, inside cover of the book in so-called
³chronological order², i.e., first shown were Aborigines, then
Blacks (listed as ³negro²), then Arabs, Native Americans, Asians,
HispanicsŠ²all the way up² to white, anglo saxon­a progression
from the the most ³primitive² humans to the most ³advanced².
What an impression those images made on children! Luckily
my parents taught us that all people were equal and that those
illustrations were, in fact, racist based on the idea of white

This is how racism has been taught in this country from its
very inception. How else could white settlers justify the wholesale
slaughter of the indigenous peoples that inhabited this continent
before they got there­it was Manifest Destiny­the right of the
white man over all other ³lesser² humans.

Ironically, those same immigrants that this government is
criminalizing today­mainly immigrants from Mexico­are indigenous
to this country! They used to live in California, Texas, New Mexico,
Florida, etc. But, of course, they were much ³lower on the human
evolutionary scale² than were the white folk so they had to
³get out the way² and were, in fact, murdered, slaughtered etc.,
given infected blankets, to make way for the great white hope.

Human beings have certain inalienable rights to life, liberty
and the pursuit of happiness and this includes the right move
from a place that can offer them no means of survival to one
than can. Who wouldn¹t try to get to the wealthiest nation
on the planet just across the border?

But, even in the face of record profits earned by American
corporations­at a higher rate than ever before­this government
couldn¹t even offer its own citizens­tens of thousands of people
displaced from Hurricane Katrina, most of whom are Black­
a right to come back to the land they were displaced from. Instead,
in fact, the hurricane was view by many ³good old white folk² as
a God-sent opportunity to rid the area of the non-white, and
poor white, poverty stricken to make more room for themselves­
a policy that is being carried out right now!

How should a nation of immigrants view immigrants? How about
as human beings with certain inalienable rights as outlined, even,
by its own constitution?

How about declaring that no human being is illegal! How about
granting complete and unconditional amnesty for all those who
are forced to break these unjust laws that criminalize human
beings for trying to make a better life.

I wonder what the world today would have looked like if the first
³white settlers² lived in cooperation with the indigenous people­
shared their own agricultural knowledge AND the product of it
equally with all who lived on the land including all those fellow
humans that were already there? And made it of equal benefit
for both? What if the settlers agreed to live on a free land owned
by no one and shared by all, cooperatively? What if they greeted
the indigenous populations of the new lands they beached
on with respect and as equals instead of with a racist sense
of superiority that gave them, under their God, the license
to steel the land, plunder villages and commit mass murder
and mass extinction?

How has the influx of immigrants to the U.S. changed the
political and cultural landscape?

Ask Leonard Peltier.

(Who¹s Leonard Peltier? He¹s a citizen of the Anishinabe and
Lakota Nations, a father, a grandfather, an artist, a writer, and
an Indigenous rights activist who has spent more than
twenty-seven years in prison for a crime he did not commit.)

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